January 27, 2023
CET MCQ questions and answers Polytechnic 2015-2016 (Part13)
TechTechInfo.com » CET MCQ questions and answers Polytechnic 2015-2016 (Part13)

CET MCQ questions and answers Polytechnic 2015-2016 (Part13)

CET MCQ questions and answers Polytechnic 2015-2016 (Part13)

Previous Year Questions and Answers Year 2015-2016 (MCQ with solutions)

121. Green house effect can be minimised by :

  • a) Pisciculture
  • b) Agriculture
  • c) Silviculture
  • d) All these three


122. Oxidation is the process in which a substance:

  • a) Gains hydrogen
  • b) Gains oxygen
  • c) Gains electrons
  • d) None of these


123. What is a reaction in which one substance is oxidised and other is reduced is known as :

  • a) Oxidation reaction
  • b) Reduction
  • c) Redox-reaction
  • d) Reducing agent


124. Which of the following did not disturb the equilibrium point ?

  • a) Catalyst
  • b) temerature
  • c) Pressure
  • d) Concentration


125. Which of the following turns red litmus blue:

  • a) Acids
  • b) Bases
  • c) Salts
  • d) None of these


126. Which of the following salt solution is neutral:

    • a) NaCl
  • b) NH₄Cl
  • c) CH₃COONa
  • d) CaO₂Cl₂


127. which of the following is a dry ice:

  • a) Ice
  • b) Solid SO₂
  • c) Solid CO₂
  • d) NaCl


128. Which of the following non-metals is a good conductor of electricity ?

  • a) Graphite
  • b) Iodine
  • c) Diamond
  • d) Dromine


129. Sulphide ores of copper are separated from the gangue prticles by using:

  • a) Hydraulic washing
  • b) Froth floatation process
  • c) Electromagnetic separation
  • d) Chemical separation


130. Helium is used in balloons instead of hydrogen because :

  • a) it is lighter than hydrogen
  • b) it is non combustible
  • c) In comprison to hydrogen, it is found in abundance
  • d) It is radioactive, therefore, can be easily detected


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