March 31, 2024
Odisha Train Accident on 2nd june 22023, 288 killed and 900 injured. » Odisha Train Accident on 2nd june 22023, 288 killed and 900 injured.

Odisha Train Accident on 2nd june 22023, 288 killed and 900 injured.

Photo: take captured be The hindu

On 2nd of june 2023 friday at 7 pm in odisha there were three train crashes together. Three trains collide near the city of Balasore in the state of odisha in eastern india. The Coromandel express – 12841  and the SMVT Bangalore howrah super fast express-12864  collided after an initial collision involving a goods train. In this train Accident 288 people were killed and around 900 people were injured in a horrific three train collision in odisha balasore near the bahanagar bazar railway station at the face of the temple. The train was speeded off at around 128 km/h. The sequence explained at the event which lead to 1 of the deadliest train accident in the indian railway’s history

Railway minister Ashwani vaishnaw suggested about the train crash the signal failure led to the accident citing a change in electronic interlocking the probable reason for the crash. 

The Cm of bengal mamta banerjee kept her eye’s on the situation from her kalighat residence for nearly the entire night. The Prime Minister of india Narander modi was also travel to odisha at saturday according to the govt sources. 

Earlier the railways has issued a sketch official statement on the tragedy near baranagar bazar railway station. 5 bogies of goods train have derailed near mendhabali of bargarh district in odisha. Gunanidhi mahanti loko pilote of chormandal is in icu.

Railway minister has recommended a cbi corp into balasore train accident and railway minister Ashwani vishnaw and union minister Dharmandar pradhan riched district headquarter hospital in odisha to meet the injured persons on sunday After the terrible train accident. The center on Sunday ordered an independent probe by the commissioner of rail safety to ascertain the exact causes that led to the tragic accident.

Gautam Adani announced that the Adani group will take the responsibility of the school education of the innocent people who have lost their parents in the odisha train accident.

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